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What comes to your mind when you hear the country name Egypt? Those pyramid, oasis, desserts and the stories of those ancient and creepy mummies. But there is much more to it the white sand beaches, pristine water of the red sea and the coral reefs. Yes, you read it right Egypt has it all.

History of the red sea egypt.

Interestingly, some claims that the name of the sea came from the seasonal blooms of red algae in the ocean but on the other hand some claim that the name derived from the red stone hills that border the sea. The red sea covers part of the famed Great rift valley. The red sea is a saltwater creek of Indian ocean and it is found between Africa and Asia. The is famous for its vast variety of aquatic species. The sea has more than 1,500 species of aquatic invertebrates and over 250 types of coral reef. The earliest known explorations of the red sea were started by the ancient Egyptians who were seeking to establish  commercial routes. The route were used later by king Darius of Persia he created shipping connection between Nile and the red sea, between Egypt and Persia. It has been a major commercial route since ages.

The sea and tourism. 

The sea is not just confined to the history but it is a major tourist attraction and recreational resource in modern time. The coral reefs of The red sea attracts massive number of tourists. The stupendous variety of natural resources, the pristine blue water and the vast variety of aquatic life all bestow to the importance.

The red sea is one of  the most popular diving site in the world. The underwater world will astound you. The pristine water of the red sea is the home to innumerable radiant species. The beach will struggle to disappoint you. And that's not all, to add more bewitch the location includes Ras Mohammed, The Elphinstone, The dolphin reef and Rocky Island. The old retreat has been coordinated with all modern amenities which don't take away the magnetism of the antiquated world. Egypt has something to offer to everyone no matter what your preferences are you won't run short to do something.



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