Playing games can always be fun.

And playing mobile games is also fun and more relaxing because we don’t have run or get our clothes dirty etc., the only thing you have to do is download a game from the app store and you are ready go.

There a ton of games that can be played with different genres and different characteristics.In this article let’s take a look at the games that are small and extremely difficult as well as fun to play.


A simple looking game with minimalistic design and simple controls which is really hard to play.A clue will be given to the player so that he/she can determine what they should do to reach the end of the game.

There are 2 squeals for this game.


Well to start things off this is not that hard but still difficult. Basically you have to feed a frog like creature with candies that are hanging from the ceiling with the help of a rope. As the name suggests you have cut rope at the right moment so that the candy will drop on the frog’s mouth.

This game also contains other versions.


This a game where your drawing skills decide whether you lose or win.

Yep exactly! All you have to do is draw some lines or any other drawings to meet the goal or objective of that particular level. At first it may seem simple but it gets  complicated in the higher levels.


The graphics and game play of this game are absolutely beautiful. With a great story this space-time game will mess with your head, as you move on to the higher levels. It’s paid app.

But it’s worth the money.


The classic mathematical puzzle which is really hard. At first it looks like a normal puzzle where we have fill numbers in boxes. But if you play the hard levels you will get to know how hard it is fill numbers in empty boxes.

There are several games and versions of it available in the app store


All the games mentioned above may not from the same genre but still gets your brain on the run with lot’s adventures,puzzles and fun! Speaking of games have you played any online battle royale games like PUBG. have you not? Don’t worry read our article on how to get started on PUBG and start playing today. and let us know your thoughts in the comments below: )



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