Laughing out loud(LOL) was never easy.

If you want laugh or make others laugh wait no more. Because we got the perfect collection of Tv shows “Anime”  for comedy fans.


The former white demon Gintoki of the rebels founds odd jobs and will do anything to make money to eat chocolate deserts and pay the rent in world which aliens conquered. This anime contains so many lovable characters and a ton of episodes where a trivial thigh as toilet paper is turned into an episode.

It may be humorous. But don’t forget that this anime contains the most epic battles in the history of anime.

Here’s a scene from the Gintama.

2.KONOSUBA:God’s blessing on this wonderful world!

Also known as Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Is a story that revolves around a Shut-in Kazuma who dies of shock from saving a lady ,from an accident that never happened! Later he was given a second chance to live as an adventurer to defeat the demon lord in an alternative world.He chooses the goddess who laughed at him as his weapon and reincarnates in the other world.

Later a group of weirdos from his team and then starts his disatours journey with the dumb goddess Aqua.


Protagonist Tsuda joined a high school which was an all girls high school till last year. Being one of the few male students in the school , Tsuda is forced into joining the student council. Later Tsuda experiences all the dark humor while making us laugh.

4. Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto

Have you not? Well to be honest there is nothing to discuss here because Sakamoto is a perfectionist who can pretty much handle everything and makes it look like a piece of cake!


Have you laughed yet? If not let us know in the comments so that we will get you more funny anime

And do check this article below . do you still think anime is for kids? let us know thoughts : )


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