Semesters are dreadful for everyone. Even the thought of semester fills us with dread. It doesn't matter how much you studied the whole class, what matters is how you prepare during the final weeks before the paper. Of course, the previous study does help, but let me be frank, we all know very well how much we study during the classes. On this note, let's talk about how to survive the semesters.

  1. Have a detailed information:                                                                                                                           Each college and university has different schedules for its examination. Some organise it with the class while some have separate days for the paper. Get the detailed information about when and where the examination will be held. This will prevent you from messing up and having a nervous breakdown.
  2. Get proper sleep:                                                                                                                                 I know you must be thinking what on earth is she uttering. How can one sleep when the exam is sitting on the head. But trust me getting proper sleep will help you perform well in the examination as you will feel fresh during the examination. So, try to get some sleep before the paper.
  3. Eat well:                                                                                                               Studying the whole day without proper eating habits will fatigue your brain and will weaken your memory. This will result in forgetting your lessons on which you are working day and night. Maintain healthy eating routine during the exams and try to cut off junk as much as possible. Eating well really helps you with coping with the stress of examinations.
  4. Mute social media:                                                                                                                                 I know it's not possible to cut off the social media completely for me or for any student but what we can possibly do is mute social media notifications during our study time in order to focus and avoid getting distracted by the numerous stories and videos. Trust me this works in building focus and concentration.
  5. Study strategically:                                                                                                                     Mugging day and night is not gonna help in scoring good grades. Instead plan your study and study accordingly. what matters is how much we can grasp and not how many hours we study. What is the use of studying for hours without any planning and scoring average grades? Instead, plan and work accordingly.

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