For evaluating the past, present and future of any person or organization SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat), is the common tool in the professional world. This analysis is useful for the person or an individual for their career opportunity.

Way to Conduct personal SWOT Analysis:

Strategic Analysis

For conducting the SWOT analysis of the individual, he/she must be honest about the question from each section for the generation of meaningful result.

It would be helpful for the individual to know about himself and will be able to imagine their potential.

Questions to ask Yourself (SWOT):

Start with the Strengths you have, the skills that make you apart from others. Questions for the strength include:

Test Your Strength
  • What are the skills you are good at?
  • Do you have work on which skill to develop within yourself?
  • What is your talent?
  • What are your natural-born Gifts?

After the strength now it’s time to know your weakness or the area you need to improve and which will pay you back in the growth of your career. Questions for the Weakness include:

The weakness of an Individual
  • What are the negative traits you have?
  • Your Negative working habits?
  • Which part of your study/training needs to be improved?
  • Review of the other person over your weakness (negative review) where you should improve?



The external factors which will be helpful for an individual career growth or in finding new opportunities and direction for the career are the Opportunity section.

  • New technology that can be introduced in your industry.
  • State of growth of the economy of your industry.
  • What is the rate of growth of the industry?



The obstacles to the growth of the individual or the external factors are the threats. Questions in this section include:

  • The industry is contracting or its directions are changing or not?
  • The level of the competition for the job you are suited for future growth.


Determining the Outcomes and taking Actions:

The person should determine by working over their negatives to turn it into positives, i.e. weakness into strength and threats into opportunities and by matching the same categories where you are aggressive and where you are exposed.

Moving upwards from negative to positive

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