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With his head bowed and body tensed  with emotion , the father of 23 year old victim of Delhi gang rape looked up and addressed the camera directly , " IT IS A CRIME TO BE BORN A WOMAN IN INDIA ". He was responding to the three year sentence , handled to juvenile involved in fatal attack on his daughter .

If you enter those words : " It is a crime to be born a woman in India" into basic google search , you will get a depressing snap shot of state of women in country today from very first page of results .

"IT IS A CRIME TO BE BORN A WOMAN IN INDIA " are words that now hang over country . What other words would you use?

I' m gonna tell you something really shocking today. Around the world atleast 1 women in 3 will be beaten or raped by an intimate partner in her lifetime. That's about 700 million women. Sound incredible doesn't it?

In april this year , a eight year old girl Asifa Bano of kathua near jammu was kidnapped, raped, tortured and later on murdered by eight men . The highlight was that the rape was done in a temple and one of accused was the priest of temple. Other one was police officer and a head constable was also involved .

Policemen arrests the accused but what could be done if they himself become an accused ?

What will the public do? where will they go?

More than 5 women were raped everyday in national capital in first three and a half months this year , according to Delhi Police Statistics.

According to data , 578 rape cases were reported to police till April 15 this year as against 563 in 2017 during same period

Question arises , Being born a girl is a crime or not? I suppose no . Then why she is treated as a servant ? as a maid ? why she is considered a thing to play with ?



She gives you LIFE

She gives you RESPECT , LOVE


She believes in YOU .

She will nurture you , fight

For you .




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