Summer is here. So are internships with lucrative offer and incentives. While some of your friends are landing internships at geometric progression you are still struggling to grab one. If your position is something similar like this,you have come at the right place. This is the article for you. Here’s a step by step guide for you to bag one internship and flaunt your CV. Get started.


First  thing first. Determine what you are really good at,pick out that domain where you can excel.So that, in the long run you can showcase your skills efficiently and timely which will strengthen your impression.If you are good at writing then it’s content writing for you.If you hold special interest  in coding then go for web development .You may choose marketing as your domain if you are great at connecting and networking with people.


Whether you  will be shortlisted for the next round or rejected depends on how strong and robust your resume is. So be careful while making your resume. Make sure you include all your qualifications,skills,experiences(if any) and project works for better result.Attaching your photo is not necessary.Also keep in mind It should not be more than 2 pages in length.Do not include anything that you do not know,it may backfire.Although there are plenty of resume builders  I prefer this one-


Now that your resume is ready, you can start applying for different internship positions. There are plenty of platforms where you can apply. Among them Internshala is the biggest one.Here you can also opt for ‘Work from Home’ internships.  Apart from Internshala, you can look for internships in Lets Intern,Intern Theory ,We Intern and Awign Internship also.  For more,check out the websites of companies that interest you,find out the contacts and send your resume to them over mail. Do not forget to attach a cover letter with it explaining your cause.


This is the most important point of the lot. This is where most people go wrong. Basically it is the extension of the previous one but I decided to put it separately to lay stress on how important it is. Normally people tend to apply for some 10 number of internships and then stop midway.Always make sure that you keep applying at a regular basis as initially the ratio of  number of applications and  number of responses is very low.The higher number of internships you apply for,the higher number of responses you are supposed to receive.So keep calm and continue applying.


You will start receiving mails from your recruiters after a few days of applying, if your resume and application goes through the grilling.Initially the number of responses may be low but focus on those few ones.At first you are most likely to be evaluated based on an  assignment or task given by them.So it is very important that you take those up very seriously and give your best to those tasks. If you can score well on that assignment of yours,holla..You will proceed one step forward to your selection as an intern.


Strong and robust resume? Check. Applications? Check. Great task performance? Check. Now the only barrier that stands between you and your selection as an intern is your performance over telephonic interview. It’s all about convincing now.Talk with confidence  but do not go over board.Speak humbly.Atfirst you will be asked to brief about you.Mention your qualifications,interests in the field you are applying for,aspirations and what you expect from this internship once you are selected.Convince them how you can add value to their organization even it is for few months.Check their website before the interview and ask questions to them if you have any doubt.

Had a great interview? Heyy..congrats in advance. You are almost there and you are to receive your offer letter within next few days. All you have to do is  wait now. You can thank me later.



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