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As a freelancer, it is quite difficult to stay on task when you work from home. Work from home has its own comforts and distractions. It's not always easy to stay on task even when you are working on a deadline-when you work from home, it's important to find ways to focus.

  1. Work during your peak hours of productivity: WORKING AT PEAK HOURSOne of the best ways to stay on task when you work from home is to work in your peak productivity hours. You know which time of the day you are most productive, try to schedule your work in that hour of the day and get your most important work done at that time as Brian Tracy discussed in his book "Eat That Frog". Try to avoid scheduling interviews, answering emails and other mundane work during your peak hours and stay focused on the most important items of work.
  2. Design a work area:  Set up an office in your house with a desk, your laptop and other essentials. Try to avoid working from bed or couch as these things are associated with leisure and comfort and this causes distraction and makes one less productive. If you don't have a single room to get it converted into an office, find someplace where you feel most productive and work from there.


  1. Take breaks now and then:Instead of working for long hours continuously take breaks when you feel so. Working long hours fatigues you brain and this results in tiredness and less productivity. So take breaks, meditate, go out or do anything that relaxes you and makes you feel fresh.
  2. Track your time:  While working from home, sometimes it becomes difficult to separate what you are doing for work and when you are spending your time inefficiently. One of the best things to do is track your time for a week. You can use tools like RescueTime to help you stay on track.


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