• Rituals and traditions to bring good fortune.

Rituals and traditions to bring good fortune are as old as the celebration of festival and comes from all around the world.
And then who in the world doesn't want to be happy and wealthy. And the traditions and rituals might seem normal or taken for granted by the followers. On the other hand it seems unusual and fascinating for outsiders.

“Your luck won't help you if you won't help yourself.”

The several superstitions in the world are the result of the culture flow.

Perhaps the most common examples are “the black cat crossing one's path” the person will eventually change the path but if by chance they continue on the path the thoughts of bad to occur will be in their mind for whole day.
These are the some rituals and traditions from around the world:

           1. Marrying animals (India)

The ritual of marrying a frog to bring monsoon is still very common in rural parts of India. And not just to bring monsoon but even to remove the commonly known “mangal dhoosh” for a safe and happy married life.

2. Karva chauth

This tradition of fasting for a day long is been practiced by the married women for their husband wherein the women doesn't even drink water until the moon rises. The fast is said to guarantee the safety and longevity of their spouses and protect them from evil.

3. The Vulture' s head (South Africa)

The birds are believed to have a far sight and so it head is kept in the pockets as a good luck charm.

4. The snakes (Japan)

They consider snakes are lucky, and they even buy and sell snake skins to attract wealth and prosperity.

5. New clothes(England)

The men and women like to keep money in the pockets of new clothes and even wear them on new year day as they believe that it will attract money and more new clothes.

6. Break them for luck (Denmark)

They will save all their unused dishes and plates until 31st December, and then they will break all the sets against the doors of all their friend and family to bring good luck for the new year.

7. Let's go round (Philippines)

It's all about cash. The people believe that everything round represents coins and will bring wealth.

8. Flashing it off (Romania)

They throw their coins into the river every new year to get good luck.

9. Now just bake it (Bolivia)

At the time of new year the coins are been baked into sweets and whosoever in their piece finds the coin has good luck for the next year.

10. Beat it against the wall(Ireland)

The people in the country believe in the bread power, so they hit the wall with bread to get rid of evil spirits.

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