Have you ever noticed a boy in your class who always prefers sitting in the most deserted zone? Who hardly has a friend? Who  desperately  distances himself from all the activities?

You don’t remember, right? Yes, he does not exist to most of the people. Maybe you recall someone like him, but you tend to ignore him because according to you he is an arrogant folk and  has attitude problem. Let me tell you, he is neither arrogant nor he has attitude problem. Most probably, he is an ‘INTROVERT’. Heard this term? Built on the latin verb ‘VERTO’  which means ‘to turn’, it defines people whose thoughts are constantly turned ‘inwards’. According to research, introverts are quite rare in our  society, who constitute about 25% of our population. ‘INTERESTING’ this term would be apt for describing them though mostly they are mistreated as shy, arrogant and boring.

Did it ever occur to you why he secludes himself from everyone? Well, that is because his world probably crashes down if he is to make small talk with stranger. Most of the time he feels it weary some to put a small step forward to introduce himself which is necessary one to forge the bond of friendship.  You have no idea how eager he is to converse with you. Believe me when I say it, they may seem unsocial yet their greatest desire is to be liked and accepted. Not convinced yet? Well, next time when you face him in the class just greet him and ask for a small favour. Observe how his face lits up in a second and how hard he tries to satisfy your need. Thank me later.


There are many traits about  INTROVERTS  that will keep you thinking. Assume what he carries inside his bag. I know it’s an easy one, but give it a shot. Maybe  a  notebook, few books, bottle, wallet. Yup, you are almost there. But add one headphone and diary to it. These are things which introverts would die for. A scroll through his diary and playlist and You will know  him like no one. Yet that is what he fears the most, the fear to be exposed. You know what? You may find your name in his diary with exact date and place. Not because he idolises you or has feelings for you but he appreciates and loves your conversation with him. You may not recall his full name by now, but he can blurt out every single word you told. Surprised enough? Yes, he is a hell of an observer. He may not participate much but takes note of every single thing happening around him. Now, does he seem boring to you?

I am not finished yet. Next try to remember an occasion where you saw him grooving to the dancing numbers. I know the answer. It’s a NO. Reason? Very simle. Party threatens his peace of mind, his love for solitude. What are you thinking? “SUCH PEOPLE  EVEN EXIST?”  Hell yeah. He is probably relaxing in his den with a coffee mug and a Stephen King thriller with some soothing music playing in the background while you are chilling out with your gang.Yes, this is his world, this is where he belongs. His world may be different from yours but you cannot not name it  ‘UNIQUE’. Try to strike a conversation about any of the  things above,you will be amused to watch him talk like it never ends.

Not only this, INTROVERTS  tend to be more creative, thoughtful and innovative than others. It will leave you awestruck if you come to know who tops the INTROVERT list. Barack Obama, Bill Gates,Mark Zuckerberg  they are all self declared INTROVERTS. That’s the only thing common about them.

All an INTROVERT needs is a little effort from your side, then the real magic unfolds. Want  to have a glimpse of that magic? Go find him. Wait a minute. Not that way. You are most likely to find him  in a deserted library, sitting alone, glued to a book or enjoying his tiffin in the corner table of the canteen. But before going after him, remember my last words-



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