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  1. The main objective of the smart city mission is to promote the cities that provide core infrastructure along with a high quality of lifestyle to the citizen, an application of a smart solution which will be clean and sustainable.

Principles and key features of a Smart City:

  • Promoting mixed land use in the area-based development.
  • Housing and inclusiveness.
  • Preserving and developing open spaces.
  • Promotion of various transport facilities.
  • Giving identity to the city.
  • The smart solution to the infrastructure.
Smart City
Smart City Plan

The core infrastructure elements in a Smart City:

  1. Robust IT connectivity and Digitalization.
  2. E-governance and citizen participation.
  3. Sustainable Environment.
  4. Adequate water supply.
  5. Sanitation, including solid waste management.
  6. Affordable housing, especially for the poor.
  7. Efficient urban mobility and public transport.
  8. Assured electricity supply 24x7.

Smart City provides the Smart Solution:

  • E-Governance and Citizen Services
    • Public information, grievances Redressal
    • Electronic Service Delivery
    • Citizen Engagement
    • Video Crime Monitoring
  • Energy Management
    • Smart Meters
    • Renewable sources of Energy
    • Energy Efficient and Green Building
  • Waste Management
    • Waste to Energy and Fuel
    • Compost from Waste
    • Wastewater to be treated
    • Recycling and Reduction of C&D waste
  • Water Management
    • Water Quality Monitoring
    • Leakage Identification
    • Preventive Maintainance
    • Smart Metering
  • Urban Mobility and Other Services
    • Smart Parking
    • Intelligent Traffic Management
    • Integrated Multi-Modal Transport
    • Tele-Medicine & Tele- Education
    • Skill Development Centres
Think Smart be Live Smart
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  1. Only initiation by government or a single individual will not make a smart city….we all have to think n behave in the same manner to execute this initiation of making smart cities…

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