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If you're an engineer or aspire to be, you must have heard about the examination which is jointly conducted by IISc and the IITs, GATE.

Do you know, only 17% of the students are able to qualify GATE? So why will anyone in their sane mind ask you to quit your job and prepare for GATE when so much risk is involved, right?

Well, because 60% of engineers are not satisfied with the job and hence not happy. How we feel about our work affects how we deal with our personal life.

Imagine yourself being among the top 17% in the country. That does feel extraordinary, isn’t? So, all we are telling you is to dream big.

First, I will briefly inform you why to go for GATE and then tell you how to prepare for it.

1. Benefits of GATE:

i. Further education

  • One of the most common option after clearing GATE is to study further and pursue postgraduate from a good engineering college.
  • You can choose M-Tech, Me or MS course from the IITs (The temple for engineers), NITs or IISc. This can make you have a greater understanding of your subject and open great job possibilities in future.
  • There is also the great scope of research opportunities available for students. Apart from this, completing a postgraduate also allows you to pursue a Ph.D. programme in prestigious colleges.

ii. Jobs through GATE:

  • Through campus placement

    The vast knowledge and hard work of the students pursuing post-graduation after clearing GATE are appreciated with a good job placement in major companies like Google, Samsung, Facebook and several other companies. They offer high salary packages as well as facilities.

  • Teaching Jobs:

    Educational institutes like Allen, Resonance and other institutes which prepare students for competitive exams hire GATE qualified candidates. Colleges recruit postgraduate engineers from campuses. Here you can teach young minds as well as get high salaries.

  • Jobs in Public sectors:

    If you need a job security and high paying salary, is there any better option than the public sectors? PSUs have started undertaking GATE candidates, due to which now there are 2-3 thousand seats filled through GATE ranks.
The top hiring PSUs: 
1. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL)
2. National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)
3. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)
4. Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL)
5. Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL)


Now since you saw why GATE is so demanding, let’s see how can you convert this dream into a reality. The difference between those who successfully clear the exam and those who don’t is not the lack of hard work, but the lack of plans.

2. Preparation:

  • Motivation: 

    An essential requirement to crack any exam. You need to have the confidence that you can crack the exam, and you are ready to do work hard for that. It is the first weapon you need in your arsenal when you are going to prepare for an exam.

  • Study Material: 

    Very basic requirement. Usually, a coaching provides you with the relevant study material or books for GATE preparation, which is in coherence with the syllabus. But you can also look for the right ones in shops.

  • Coaching: 

    If you want to enroll in a coaching, well and good. If not, it’s nothing to worry about. The coaching provides you with a relevant direction and study material but at the end of the day, what matters the most is YOUR hard work and execution of the targets.

  • Revise and Repeat:

    Revise daily. That way it won’t look much of a burden. And you’ll feel the increase in the ability to retain facts.

  • Time Management: 

Time is considered to be the key to success. You have to stick to your schedule from the very beginning when you have committed yourself to crack it. Therefore, proper time management is required to achieve your goal.


  • Practice and give Mock tests: 

    It is an essential part of your preparation. Everyone studies everything, so everyone can solve everything at their home at the study table easily. But not everyone can handle the pressure of the exam when all of your previous year’s preparation is at stake, and the clock is ticking continuously. To get used to the feel of the exam, it is essential that you attempt a sufficient number of tests.

  • Take Care of Yourself: 

    Make sure you sleep well and eat well. A proper state of body ensures you study and grasp well.

What most people don’t realize while preparing for exams of this high standards is that apart from helping you to clear it, it also teaches you many things:

  • Proper planning
  • Preparing your self in the right way
  • Being confident and calm
  • Thinking logically
  • Time management
  • Utilizing your skills in the right direction
  • Aiming for something bigger.

GATE exam reveals

  • how much you are capable of understanding huge concepts and applying it while solving a problem under stress.
  • GATE preparation pushes you to face your fears and stand against them. It helps you to build the courage to dream.
  • Last but not the least, it gives you the vast knowledge.

So build up the courage to dream big, make plans accordingly and execute them. Do what needs to be done. And no matter what the result is, remember everything happens for a reason.

All the very best!


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