Have you ever considered how scenic beauty is usually limited to vast oceans, lots of greenery and historical monuments? How have we sidelined the importance of beautiful, well preserved streets? Streets are one of the most under-rated tourist destinations and we're looking to change it. Let's have a look at some of the prettiest streets that will keep you spell bound:

#1 The Shambles: Looking like something straight out of a Harry Potter movie, The Shambles is one of York’s most favourite streets, having the beautiful Elizabethan buildings lined on either side. It is a one of a kind medieval shopping street, with the smell of freshly brewed beverages and confectionaries wafting through the air, making it almost impossible for one to pass by without sneaking a taste.

#2 Agueda: What began as a project in Portuguese city's annual Ágitagueda Art Festival, went on to become a summer tradition called the “Umbrella Sky Project.”  When the sun shines down on this street during summers, a canopy of floating umbrellas acts as a cover for the pedestrians strolling in the street, making it a very colourful, eye-pleasing sight to anyone under it. It doesn’t have to rain for you to flaunt your polka dotted umbrella, bring it to Agueda and show it off to the world.

#3 Streets of Bonn: A street in Bonn, Germany, which by the virtue of nature, forms a tunnel-like thing with its trees. This creates a movie-set like thing with a beautiful picturesque background for shots. This place attracts tourists and photographers alike, being a street that’s hard to miss. So, if you’re cruising anywhere close to Germany make sure to walk the streets of Bonn if you want aesthetic pictures for your instagram profile.

#4 The Cobblestone street: If you plan to dress up all fancy, wearing heels and all, you may want to think again. Set in Bruges, Belgium, this Cobblestone street charms its tourists and makes them wonder why they hadn’t put that at the top of their travel list. For history fanatics, there are beautiful architectural buildings to capture and rave about. Belgium, as we know, is famous for many things, ranging from chocolates to beer. But a whole street filled with cafes and eateries tops it all.

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