Cryptocurrency is the sea of the unknown for the beginners as it was difficult to decide that from where the person should start to trade cryptocurrency and what are the available resources. While going through this guide you will have an understanding about the cryptocurrencies and how to dive into it and about cryptocurrency trade.

The rise of Cryptocurrencies:

Rise of Cryptocurrencies

Tech literacy population is increasing day by day, acceptance of the cryptocurrencies leads it to boom. We are not sure how high it will be boomed even if you are going through this guide the price may boom exponentially and reaches new height no one can predict what will be the value of the bitcoins in coming 2 months.

Cryptocurrencies exchanges:

The commonplace of buying and selling of the cryptocurrencies known as exchanges. Multiple factors like reliability, liquidity, spread, fees, purchase and withdrawal limits, security insurance, trading volume, and user-friendliness. For the beginner, Coinbase is the best exchange as it has a user-friendly interface and 100% crypto insurance.

Cryptocurrency exchange(Coinbase)

You have to set up an intermediary bank account and verifying your details with Coinbase, you can trade in bitcoins purchase in few simple steps:-

01: Click the “Buy/Sell” Bitcoin tab.

02: Select the payment method using the drop-down menu.

03: Enter the amount you want to pay.

04: Click on “Buy Bitcoin Instantly” button.

05: Your credited bitcoins will be shown on your dashboard.

Coinbase Interface

Cryptocurrencies Wallet:

It is a place of storing your cryptocurrency:

Wallet Public and Private key

Paper Wallet:

Print your public an private keys on the paper and put it safe and while printing of the keys always turns off your internet connections is advisable.

Bitcoin paper wallet

Hardware Wallet:

It is same as the removable drives and in addition, it is expensive but probably the most secure to store the cryptocurrencies and will be safe if you are storing a large number of bitcoins.

I had heard that Trezor is the best

Digital wallet:

It is the most suitable and convenient way of storing the cryptocurrencies as it is just like an application which runs on the mobile phone and desktop and can be accessed online.



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