Unfortunately, we live in a world where mental illness is still a stigma. Nobody wants to see mental health as real health. If all the other organs have a doctor associated to their non-functioning…why is our ‘brain’ not in on the pact? If you have fever, you take 2 days off from school/work and are told to take rest. Say, you have a mental illness, chances are people will tell you to stop giving excuses & just attend your classes.. because nobody takes mental health seriously. Here is the leading most common mental illness that affects 2 in 10 people, all over the globe-

“I’m not living, I’m surviving” - Depression:

Contrary to the way we’ve conditioned our brain to receive the word “depression”, it is not being gloomy as a reaction to some bad on goings in your life. It is not a phase that’ll pass or a temporary feeling you’re going to experience. It is scientifically proven that Depression is in fact a chemical imbalance in your brain which causes disruption in your thinking pattern & it is something that your mind is not aware of. Sure, the person having depressive illness is not exactly the chirpiest bird in town, but it is due to serotonin- “the happy chemical” being less in their brain & not something they choose to put on.

What happens to someone suffering from depression?

See a person with depression begins losing interest in things he usually enjoys, starts becoming more lethargic due to the chemical changes in his body, finds it extremely difficult to do daily chores because it takes 10x the effort it used to take him before.. and all this is due to the fact that the negative/ pain inducing chemical is more in him when compared to the positive/ pain reducing one. It’s really unfair if you expect him to “snap out of it” or “be optimistic” just because he has everything in life. Last I checked, you can catch a cold after eating 2 tubs of ice cream at your sister’s reception, you can get migraine even if you have a beautiful family & loving friends, so  telling someone not to be depressed under all ideal conditions is like asking them to stop creating a chemical imbalance in their brain, ridiculous isn’t it? Precisely.

What you can do to help your loved one going through this tiresome illness:

For friends and family it can be hard to watch someone you love suffer from depression & it can be difficult to understand what to do in order to help him/her without making it worse.

  • We can play an important role in his/her recovery by being a compassionate listener. Just your silent presence is enough to make them feel less alone in this never ending battle they seem to be fighting all day long.
  • Encouraging and appreciating them for completing their chores, going to work, getting a little bit of exercise makes them feel like less of a failure.
  • Comforting them instead of conflicting with them will give them strength to combat against depression.
  • Driving them to their therapist, scheduling an appointment regularly for them is another important thing to do, since they are more likely not to actively care for themselves.

Depression is one of the many mental health issues, others being anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders, etc.

I think it’s high time we all wake up and address mental illness and its impact before many passionate, capable people lose themselves in the process of finding themselves in the midst of this overpowering sickness of the mind. To those facing mental illness, I urge you to reach out and take help before your mind consumes you, leaving you alone with your fears. Your mind needs as much attention as the rest of your body because if you are not your mind, then what are you?


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