#1 Technical Consultant: What’s the point of an engineering degree if you can’t put good use to it? Is that what you were going to ask? If you are someone who likes the idea of business but also want to implement what you’ve learnt over the course of your B.Tech years, then this, my friend, is the job for you. Technical consultants are those people that help organisations to solve issues, troubleshoot any technical difficulties by making use of their industrial knowledge in their core sector. They also act as prominent advisors regarding the implementation of certain specialist equipment or technology. Are you sure you don’t want to be a Technical Know-How? Think again.

Here to troubleshoot your every issue, how may I help you?

#2 Event Manager: Have you always been the party planner of your clique? Do you have the knack to schedule get-togethers with your old classmates that never seem to be available? Then, event managing might be the thing for you. Event managers are in high demand these days, as everyone likes a person who organizes and puts things together for them. Nobody likes to put in the effort it takes to planning events, so they’d rather pick someone with expertise, who’ll ensure a hassle free event for your sake. It includes making of budgets, scheduling and selection of appropriate venue, acquiring necessary permits, negotiation and putting all the pieces together as per the client’s requirements.

Parties, ceremonies, get name it!

#3 Fitness Trainer: If you are someone that loved to spend all his time doing reps on the field, only to hear your father calling you back inside, then training to be a fitness instructor is a sure shot way to rekindle your passion for fitness. You could be a Zumba instructor or an Aerobics master, either way you’re making sure the people that come to you leave feeling healthy and fit. A Fitness Trainer is a person who looks after the issues concerning the health and physical wellness of his/her clients. Drop your guns, time to show off your guns (aka muscles). Take pride in being incharge of someone’s well being and make your passion fuel you into landing what might be a full time profession.

That's it.. just 12 more, young man.

#4 Food critic: As a child I’m sure you’ve always wanted to be someone who tastes all the food at restaurants for free. I’m guilty of that too (*wink*).  Ever visited an ice cream parlour, where the man behind the counter offers you free samples of all the flavours in return for your honest opinion? Now, that’s a job I could get used to. A food critic is someone who has passion for food plus a flair for writing. Now, don’t be fooled, for it not only involves the restaurant’s food services, but also the ambience, traffic of dining etcetera. It’s one of the most challenging, yet interesting job because one needs to bear in mind that while you find something enticing, others may not have the same palate for the dish.

Special mention: Rest in peace, Sir Anthony Bourdain, you will be missed.

Mhm, not bad at all, could do with a little more cinammon.


  1. People these days are realizing importance of health and fitness . This option is really new and different.. Thanks for sharing!

  2. People these days are realizing the importance of health and fitness, fitness training is an interesting path! Thanks for sharing

  3. In today’s dynamic environment you too need to be innovative and this article provides right direction for it.

  4. In today’s dynamic environment you need to be innovative in every field, including your career.
    This article is in right direction regarding this aspect.
    So choose your career as per your calibre and passion.

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