Now, whether you’re on the “We’re hiring” side or the “I’ve heard you’re hiring” side, meaning, whether you are the employer or the employee, there are certain things you expect from the other end. Say, for example, you are the employee on the hunt for a job; you choose companies based on their credibility, their reputation, their methodology etcetera. Now, let’s say you’re on the other end of the stick, you’re the employer, a person hiring people to work for him, then these may be the 4 major qualities you might look for in a prospective employee-

#1 Reliability – We all know that a person, who works for you or under you, needs to be reliable. It is generally the first and foremost thing that people look for in a “to-be employee”- his ability to give the complete assurance of completing the assigned work, one, that can be trusted and depended upon for smooth functioning of the entire work at hand. A trustworthy employee is worth a million grand. Reminds you of Dr. Watson from Sherlock, isn’t it?

Can I rely on them?

#2 Ability to admit & learn from mistakes – We all make mistakes, we’re all human after all. But, it so happens that we try to brush it off or try to push it under the carpet. We get defensive, if our mistakes are called out. For a company to function smoothly, it is extremely important that employees are willing to admit their mistakes and try to correct them so as to avoid repeating them in the future. This way, the employee grows as a person and earns appreciation from his clients as well as his boss!

The more mistakes I make, the more I learn in life.

#3 Responsible/ Accountable - Any employee should have the courage to be accountable for himself and his decisions for the company. Whether his brainstorm brought great profits into the company or did more harm than good, a good employee is accountable for his choices, his decisions. He should take initiative and be responsible for his own actions and their consequences, rather than pawn it off on his subordinates.

Quit the blame game already. Time to own up for your actions.

#4 Rising to the occasion – A lot of times, there are unpredictable situations, which call for presence of mind and the confidence to step out and rise to the occasion. An employee should have the ability to handle things without losing his cool and make quick, wise decisions as and when required. How else did Mike end up working with Harvey Specter on SUITS?

In the face of adversity, I rise.

There are more than a hundred qualities that employers usually tend to look for in an employee subconsciously and each one has a different order of things he wants for his company. If the employee shows even 1 of the above mentioned qualities, the rest of them come forth voluntarily. The reputation of a company rests on the capabilities of its employees. As they say “A good employee makes or breaks a company.”


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