Anand Kumar:

Awarded by PM of India
  • Son of a post office clerk in Bihar
  • Studied at Hindi Medium government School
  • Fell in love with mathematics at an early age
  • Submitted papers on Number Theory during his graduation which were published in Uk’s Mathematical Spectrum and The Mathematical Gazette.
  • He could not make to Cambridge University due to the financial problems
  • At the age of 22, he rented a classroom and start teaching the strength of 2 to 36.
  • Started the Educational program in Patna for the most underprivileged student to get success in Engineering entrance examination (IIT JEE).
Ramanujam School of Mathematics
  • Ramanujam School of Mathematics is the study center.
  • He collected the fund for super 30 from selling Papad.
Receiving award from Governor of Bihar

Anand Kumar Super30:

Super 30
  • Super 30 is a huge sensation, the organization is just to help the deserving candidate who cannot afford the coaching classes to get a tag of an IITian with his/her name.
  • In this program, the student has to crack the test and on the basis of their marks the top 30 students were selected and all 30 were provided the food and lodging facility at Anand’s Kumar House.
  • The main objective of super 30 is to track the bunch of talented student from the economically impoverished section and enhance their skills by providing a conducive
Super 30
If You are planning to be the part of super30.
  • The student must have poor financial Background
  • Qualify the test
  • The test will be in the month of May to June.
  • You will the application form from the Ramanujan School of Mathematics in the first week of June and will cost you only Rs 60.
Hrithik Roshan with Super Teacher

Discovery channel, TIME magazine, NHK and several national/International Media houses are highlighting the achievement of Anand Kumar


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