In 1885 Karl Benz developed a gasoline powered automobile which is also considered to be the first production vehicle called Benz .

A century later, cars have evolved so much so that,

 They can outrun a train  

Overwhelm a tractor

And can be luxurious than your home!

And are trying to replace the driver.

"Statistically, the least reliable part of the car is ... the driver."

Is the statement given by Chris Urmson. An engineer known for his pioneering work on self driving cars technology.

So let’s have a look at  4 reasons why autonomous cars will dominate the future of driving.

  1. Increased road safety

Seriously we have no idea what the other drivers are thinking. Sometimes (mainly in india) drivers tend to save fuel(or lazy) by driving in the wrong way. Best example, auto drivers,we have no idea where are they going to stick their autos next.

In the case of self driving system,  the information of a car will be shared to the other cars so that they can collectively make decisions.Thus increasing the road safety.

2. Less fatalities of the pedestrians

Sometimes it’s really hard to concentrate on driving especially on nights(due to sleepy conditions) work tensions etc.,

Then there appears a pedestrian from nowhere in front of your car and even before you realise it the situation may get pretty nasty.To prevent these kinds of accidents we have to adopt autonomous driving. which contains a hefty number of safety systems which can respond and prevent these kind of sudden occurrences.

3. Better transportation

Let’s face it driving beside an overloaded vehicle can be nightmare not knowing what will happen next.

But to solve this we can create a network of vehicles with autonomous driving and use them for transportation, no overloading and no drivers.

4. Eco Friendly and User friendly

There is no better combination other than autonomous driving system with electric cars. It’s easy to implement ,safe ,lightweight and ultimately eco-friendly. And nothing beats the driver less experience ,I mean  their is no driving ,no tensions ,no worries!

Here's an example for you.

But machines Do fail without proper execution.


Finally, Even Though our technology is developing rapidly we still haven’t achieved full autonomous driving yet. And we heard how autonomous systems are failing and demand for drivers hasn’t changed.So I would like to remind you that even if you enjoy breaking rules(traffic rules) ,you should also remember that you are putting others life in danger.

So Drive safe and enjoy until the AI takes over!


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