Smart Devices      havebecame a part of our  life.



We use them where ever we can and whenever we want.they are mostly


Smart watches smart speakers 

Do you want get even more comfy?

Here are devices which can make your life real easy.

  1. Smart shoes

What smart shoes do they display your weight or just contain few lights does that make the smart?you ask.

No not even close what if i say they can adjust themselves to your foot shape and size and they can  even tie themselves!

Do you not  believe me?

Here’s your proof!

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 the first ever released smart shoe!

Watch this video to learn more.

2.  Smart Mat

For all those enthusiastic yoga people out there who don't have enough to attend yoga class and can't do yoga personally at here you home? No problem.

Here's your solution.

The Smart Yoga Mat

It's capable of connecting to your smartphone and other devices! by using it's sensors it will tell you what are the next steps, alert you about wrong alignment and other mistakes!

It's like having your own yoga teacher!

3. Smart Belt

Smart belt 2.0 is the later version of the smart belt 1.0 'The most crowd funded project in the history of fashion accessories!'

Well it may not have motors or fancy lights but it has  32  different adjustable sizes on a single belt.

It's scratch proof. and five times stronger than normal leather belts!

4. Smart pencil case

Kids these days are so fed up on using smart devices and even have their own Pcs and smartphones.

but those aren't allowed to classes.

The following device is somewhat smart and may possibly destroy your child's conetration!

Because it has games in it!

There's more!

You create a wallpaper, it has a memo pad in it and mainly ' It can be locked and unlocked digitally!'

And more!

Well we are depending on the machines too much which can breach our privacy any time!

Like how the Amazon Echo did!

Check it out and the other articles here!

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