20 Things that will happen in a single day worldwide.

Have you ever wondered, or at least gave a thought to what’s happening around you. Not just your surrounding but all around the world?

Have you not?

Then let’s explore and find what actually happens in a day on the earth.


  1. More than 600 million newspapers will be sold in a day.
  2. On a daily basis people will utilise at least 10 billion tons of water.
  3. More than 5 million phones are sold in a day
  4. More than 0.3 million people are born in a day
  5.  0.13 million people die in a day.
  6. About 4 billion people use internet in a day.         
  7. 25000 people die in a day due to hunger.
  8. On average their will 10000 hectares of forest loss in a day.
  9. 85 million tons of CO2 will be released into the atmosphere daily.
  10. 2000 billion MWh of solar energy will strike earth’s surface everyday.
  11. More than 160 billion dollars will be spent on illegal drugs in a day.
  12. 12 billion cigarettes will be smoked in a day.
  13. 5k people will die due to alcohol consumption in a day.
  14. About 18k people will die because of cancer in a day.
  15. 5k new books will be published in a day
  16. 110 million computers will be produced in a day.
  17. 0.3 million bicycles will be produced in a day.
  18. 26k hectares of land will be desertified in a day.
  19. 3k people will die in a day due to traffic accidents.
  20. On average 600 mothers will die during giving birth.


It's a grim picture but it is true.

 Did you know that coal, oil and natural gas is depleting?

 We have only 149545 days worth coal left ,58377 days worth natural gas left and 16430 days worth oil left in this planet!

All these years our planet has suffered so much and is still providing us with so much.

So, we should acknowledge her efforts and try to give back as much as we can. So let's work hard and let her keep that little smile on her face!


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