104 This is neither a cricket score nor someone’s age.

It’s a number that made every Indian proud. It’s a number that showed the world that India is not a pushover. It’s a number that proved, that we are not falling back in the race of technology.

So what’s so great about this number?

On February 2017.

The day when ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) made a jaw dropping record in space travel history, by launching ‘104’ satellites into the earth’s atmosphere by using only 1 PSLV(Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) rocket!


This showed the world that we maybe  a 'developing country', but we are as smart as the other 'developed countries.'

There’s more!

The rocket used for this launch is called PSLV-C37,  and this was it’s thirty ninth successful mission.

The total weight of all the 104 satellites carried on-board PSLV-C37 was 1378 kg, in which India’s Cartosat 2 Series Satellite weighed 714 KG!

It’s a valuable asset for our country because it is capable of providing remote sensing services using its panchromatic and multi-spectral  cameras.

These are the details of the remaining 103 satellites.

Two ISRO Nano Satellite-1 (INS-1) weighing 8.4 KG, INS-2 weighing 9.7 kg are from India.

The remaining 101 satellites are from the following countries

satellites from USA-96, The Netherlands-1, Switzerland-1,Israel-1,Kazakhstan-1 and UAE-1.


Before ISRO, this record was held by Russia, which in 2014 launched 37 satellites using Dnepr rocket.

So our ISRO was able to achieve a greater result which was 2.81 times more than the previous record in less than 3 years of time!

           Hats off ISRO

And lastly ‘Country is not Land its People’. So as long as we grow our country grows. So let’s make our country great and show the world that we are not pushovers.

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