India has a population of more than 1.3 Billion, out of which more than 65% is youth. Considering that, we have the best human resource and low dependency ratio.
Yet after more than 7 decades of independence, India is still a developing’ country. One of the major reasons that have halted our progress is the caste system prevalent among us.

What are the reasons that we are still stuck in this wretched system? Let’s find out.

1. History and its rigidity:

A system that has been in practice for over 3000 years is hard to get rid of. Even though initially the system was built on logical grounds, it lost its purpose when people of higher castes started abusing their power and exploiting it by making the system rigid.

Previously, your work defined your caste. For instance, if you belonged to the ruling class, you were called a Kshatriya. The upper castes, however, violated the system and misused it by making it rigid. Hence now your birth defines your caste.


2. Today’s dilemma:

So, what are the ways in which Caste System is still practised today?

  • Caste-based marriage:


    Even today, most families are endogamous since they prefer the marriage in accordance with caste. First, the groom and bride should belong to the same caste, then their horoscopes will be matched along with all other rituals. After verifying all that, the families say, ‘Rab ne bana di jodi’ which means ‘Match made in heaven’.


    Even the Online Matrimonial sites have different sections for different communities.



  • Housing segregation:

    Unless it’s a government colony, most of the societies and apartments are dominated by a single community. Like the ‘Agrawal Colony’, ‘Durga Nagar’, ‘Christian Colony’ etc. This also happens in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad etc.


  • Caste-based discrimination:

    In villages, many lower caste students face caste-based discrimination. For example, Dalit students were being forced to clean toilets. Due to this, many lower-class students prefer to drop out rather than being humiliated.


  • Vote-bank politics:

    Many political parties play divide and rule game to get the votes. For example, a place is dominated by particular community A. In order to get an edge, a political party announces reservation or various benefits for ‘Community A’.

    Even though this guarantees a win for the party, in the long run, it is a big loss for the society as these dirty tactics create divisions among people.

3. Consequences of the caste system:

We are a nation with vast diversities. We were once considered as the Golden Bird. But we lost our way. In order to reach the top again, we need to take just and precise actions.

Cleary, we have 2 choices.

  • We can fight among ourselves, kill each other and be divided as always while countries like Japan which has no natural resource but through sheer hardwork and unity outshines another country.

    And in the end, just be a DEVELOPINGcountry.


  • Acceptance and proper education to let people know what are the ways in which we can cope with the negative impacts.
  • Think of the greater good and stand together, as a united nation.


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