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HELLO! Am I speaking to Mr Bell? No you have reached his voicemail!

What is a smartphone?

It's a handheld PC with  the capabilities of a cellular phone.

Let's take look at the history of gadget which became so smart and efficient that you can't live without it!

1876 embarked the beginning of the this tale when Alexander made his first call.

And when the Martin cooper picked up the pace by creating the world’s first ever handheld cellular mobile phone in 1973.

Which made him the  ‘Father of cellular mobile phones!’

Now let us take a look back into the history and find out how the phones transformed from the world’s thickest and slowest, to the world’s thinnest and fastest handheld gadget ever.

Starting with Bell, whose wife and mother were deaf. He wanted to create a hearing device for their sake. His determination and motivation finally led him to creation of the first phone instead of a hearing device.

Later he founded the most famous company AT&T

Later in 1973 Martin Cooper of Motorola invented the first mobile...

...which was a wireless device.

Well there was nothing smart about those devices. They are just plain old phones.

Then came the real deal.

In 1992 Frank Canova created a phone which was a prototype and can be properly referred to as a smartphone and was known as ‘Angler’.

And in 1994 IBM debuted their Simon Personal Communicator (simply known as IBM Simon) which can receive mails, calls, etc. and contains a touch screen with a calendar.

And it has the first Touch pen!

Later in 1996 HP introduced HP 200LX Palmtop PC


In 1999 japan’s NTT DoCoMo introduced the world’s first smartphone with it’s own unique OS (in Japan only).

Next year the race begun!

Companies started upgrading the PDA (personal digital assistant) and turning them into smartphones.


And then finally we have the ultimate smartphone design from the Apple INC. in 2007, in the form of first ever Iphone with IOS OS.

By the  third quarter of 2012, one billion smartphones were in use worldwide.

With multiple companies producing a wide variety of smartphones.

As per the present day we have  phones with 8 GB ram and which can achieve insane processing speeds  (which are way faster than my pc LOL)

Oneplus 6

And phones which in order to buy, we have to use our kidneys as a method of payment. XD

And phones capable of recognizing their owners through multiple ways (i.e fingerprint,face recognition etc.)

And phones capable of replacing your pc or camera entirely.

BTW present smartphones can make almost anything happen from your fingertips and as well as destroy your health with deadly radiations.

Statistics show that by 2019 their will be more than 5 billion smartphones in the world. So what do you think, are the phones ultimately going to become smarter than humans and take over?


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