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“Alexa play my favorite song“, “Alexa what’s the weather like?” Alexa this, Alexa that.

How many times have we seeked the help of Alexa, otherwise known as the Amazon’s smart speaker echo and echo dot.

It’s the most favorite smart speaker for everyone, that was until google home came out.

Echo works based on the call-sign ‘Alexa’ or it will be idle until you command it to do something. But there was a little complication recently.

 "Unplug your Alexa devices right now,”

Was a statement given by a user in Seattle, when Danielle received a recorded conversation from Alexa, which was sent by her colleague who received it from Alexa in turn.

This ofcourse concerned them to no end. They contacted the amazon customer support and received their apologies. Later Amazon confirmed the report and added in a statement that the company "determined this was an extremely rare occurrence."

They later added that ‘Alexa misheard’ the conversation and recorded the same and sent it to a person in the contact list. This the direct violation of GDPR(General Data Protection regulation) by Amazon Echo.

This sevres as a bitter reminder that we surrounded ourselves with so much tech, which is making our personal lives vulnerable.

I would like to conclude by saying that, make sure that your data/personal life is  secure from all the devices. Especially recording device like phones,pcs,laptops and other smart devices. Stay safe and don't hit a dead end! 

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