Ok Google, tell me about, GOOGLE  DUPLEX!

For all the users of smartphones, I am pretty sure that at least once in your life you have used the commands like. Ok Google, Hey Siri , or Hey cortana to get your work done (or for fun).

So what are those words? What will they do? Any ideas?

Well here’s what happens.

They trigger an AI Bot or famously known as 'personal assistant' which can perform any work through your phone for some extent (only).

We all know that Google is for android users.

Siri for Apple users.

Cortana for all the microsoft devices.

However, that’s not the end. We have few smart speakers like Google home and Alexa (amazon echo dot).

So we have all these AI Bots, so why do we need a new one? 

Well, Google Duplex is not a new bot but an unreleased update for google assistant. So what do we have in the new update?

Actually it’s a good news for all those who are lazy, busy or socially awkward. Who need someone else to make their phone calls.

So what’s special? You ask.

Well attending and making a call is just the beginning of the duplex. After taking your call, duplex will talk to the person and will give the answers to all their questions!

Don’t believe me ? here’s some proof. By google CEO himself.

Amazing right!

You just witnessed the future of technology!

Maybe this is the indication that there will be a ‘skynet’(Terminator) or V.I.K.I.(I,Robot) in the upcoming years .

Well that’s the Google duplex. And you can expect the release for pixel mobiles by the end of 2018 and for other devices, by 2019 (hopefully).

Lastly I would like to say that this is proof that our technology is growing at rapid speed and it's really tough to keep up with it. So let your PERSONAL ASSISTANT do the job of syncing you in the world of technology. It's that easy, right GOOGLE?

Ha Ha ! Guess you need time hah!

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