Along with the succulent mangoes and the blazing heat, summer also brings the much-needed vacations. Now, what will be an ideal vacation?


Spending time with family, getting lots of sleep, travelling new places and reading books while travelling. (Maybe upon the mountains or by the sea!)


So here, we bring you a list of top 10 books you should read in Summer:


10. Come on Inner Peace – Sachin Garg

A journey about self-discovery and lost love, ‘Come on inner peace’ literally gives you peace after you finish the book. Period.




9. Yesterday I was the moon – Noor Unnahar

Shaded with the agony of a shattered home and complications of a wealthy background, ‘Yesterday I was the moon’ is the poetry collection of the young voice, Noor Unnahar. From being traumatized to the core to rebuilding oneself, this book will stimulate your soul.




8. All the names they used for god
- Anjali Sachdeva

A take on 'fate' through her collection of 9 stories, Anjali Sachdeva brings us gripping tales from different centuries that take on technology, censorship and terrorism which one way or the other affects all our lives.





7. Tell Tale - Jeffrey Archer

Beside the sea or under the stars, along with your loved one. That does make the perfect combo. Doesn’t it? Nope. Just add this book, which is a collection of short romantic stories by Jeffrey Archer. The stories will ignite your love and give you the ultimate joy.





6. The sun and her flowers  – Rupi Kaur

A collection of soul awakening poetry by Rupi Kaur. From drooping, falling, rooting, rising and blossoming, celebrate love in all its form with ‘the Sun and her flowers’.




5. Turtles all the way down
     – John Green

How do you feel when you are expecting something good to happen? But it all turns out so differently that you have no clue what to do! Confused? Look for the answers in ‘Turles all the way down’, a mysterious tale by John Green where Aza Holmes tires to be a good daughter, a good friend, a good student and even a good investigator all while dealing with her obsessive-compulsive disorder.




4. The Shiva Trilogy
– Amish Tripathi

As the name suggests, it’s a series of three books. Amish’s version of Shiva can make even an atheist fall in love with the Mahadev. Combining mythology with science, ‘The Shiva trilogy’ will make you laugh, smile, cry, jump in joy and go numb. It really is a journey of a man whose actions made him the strongest god.




3. The Longest Ride - Nicolas Sparks

What’s better than one enamoured love story? Well, two love stories! What’s even better? Both of them combined together to bring you an epic tale of love. ‘The longest ride’ takes you to the journey which proves true love never grows old or grows apart.





2. The Krishna Key – Ashwin Sanghi

Blending science, history and mythology, Ashwin Sanghi brings you the ultimate thriller. ‘The Krishna Key’ will blow your mind with its twists and turns. Filled with facts, accurate research and a touch of love, a tale so engrossing, you can’t bear to leave it.





1. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

The best-selling novel in the history with more than 66 million copies sold. Thinking what makes it so special? It’s the simplicity of the novel along with its igniting narration that literally takes you in the land of the Alchemist.  “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” with this, Paulo Coelho established himself as on the most successful and loved writer of all time.




So, what are you waiting for? Gear up with your sunglasses, hat and don’t forget to put these books in your bag for a perfect summer holiday.





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