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If you recognize this quote, you'll know it's from The famous  game, PUBG-Player Unknown Battle Grounds


It’s an online battle royale game where you have to kill 98 other players unless you are in a squad.

Let’s take a look at the game-play.

Well to start the things off you will be given nothing apart from an underwear and a parachute! 

You have to jump off a plane onto a deserted island along with 98 others. So what happens if you don’t jump? Then you will be kicked out off the plane. Duh!

What should you do next?

Take a guess.


You have to scavenge the island for clothes, weapons , supplies etc. That is if you don’t get killed by other players before even beginning your search.

After getting the gear, if you are a solo player, try to stay in the safe zone and get as many kills as you can. If you are not, try finding your teammates.

If it’s your first time playing, try and explore the entire map of PUBG.

Then try to find a ride and get rolling on the roads. But don’t forget to stay in the safe zone.

And finally when you are bored, it’s time to get serious!

Aim correctly stay in the safe zone and most importantly, stay alive!

After all that, If you are still alive! Then it’s time for the most awaited battle of your debut.

A battle where all the proffessionals meet the mediocres.

Well of course it’s scary because the entire island will shrink in the end.

You aim is to ‘do or die’. And it can be fun when you are a pro yourself.

So that’s all you have to know about game-play, but keep in mind it’s a heavy game with the memory size of 1.2 GB so you should at least use a phone which has 4 or more GB for best experience.

Here’s how the tech differs!

In the end, all I would say is, enjoy the game and learn the 'The Art of War'.

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