When your employer hires you, it is safe to say that he/she has certain expectations from you. There are four things in particular that universally constitute as pre requisites for you being hired by your employer.

Relevant skills: This is a no brainer. When you are applying for a particular position it is expected that you will have the relevant skills that the designation demands. If you have your basics clear and have the necessary skills for the position you are applying for, you are automatically one step closer to bagging the job.


Ability to think on your feet: No matter which industry you are working in, this has become such an important aspect that all employers look for this ability in any prospective employee. Presence of mind and quick crisis solving skills are of paramount importance and ironically, very rare. The market is filled with idiots and this is a highly valued characteristic.

Work ethics: It is important to work hard, but it is also important to work smart. If you can get your employer to believe, that your work ethics are something they can rely on, they will respect you for it. Hold your ground, be firm and no employer will be able to overlook your potential.

Soft skills: One cannot stress on how important an aspect this is. Most employers will avidly look for these skills in any prospective employee. Your communication skills, ability to interact, emotional quotient are all evaluated and taken into account when you are being considered for a job. Remember that at the end of the day you need to have the mettle that is required to get the job done.

So get out there and impress the shit out of your employer this job hunting season. Good luck!



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