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“If you can’t find a way, create one.” If your purpose is also not defined best thing to do is find out your passion. Your passion will lead you right into your purpose. It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.

Recently board results are out and every student is in dilemma what to choose as a career.Today’s generation like to work by their own then to follow someone else’s command. This is the era where the value of degree is nil, what truly matters is your experience in the field you have chooses your career. Every next company looking for worker with great potential and enthusiasm towards work. So let’s look up for the options that a person can opt to gain best mover advantage by the help of upgrading technology.


Being a youtuber is the best platform to show up your talent and setting your business. Many people Sejal Kumar, Bhavan Bam, Vidaya Vox etc came forward and took opportunity by opening there channel on YouTube and got handsome amount for their work. Many of them were employed as marketing head in different companies and many works at their college level. Having a talent and having the platform like that is a blessing but if you can’t find not so worthy then what will you gain is experience for marketing, strategies, investment  that matter the most for upcoming events.


Many of us have this believe that internship and fellowship are same. But there is difference between them.

Fellowship friendly feeling that exists between people who have shared interests or are doing something as a group. There are so many companies out there, who offer scholarship and fellowship together to students as per their performances in projects, college based experienced etc. fellow program want to capture the attention of young people from all walks of life, with diverse career interests, to dig in and get their hands dirty, to get to know the development challenges through the hands on work, training and coaching. Many companies like Axis bank, SBI, and Teach For India offers fellowship to the students. They normally turn up to those with whom they share mutual interests and find out appreciable work.

Internship the position of a student or trainee who works in an organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification. It is of two types paid or unpaid. Most of students offer to do that while college level. Some of them do unpaid in which they got certificate. But many offer paid. There is one more way to classify it work from home or Going. Normally everyone is familiar with going but work from is something most of want to look for. There are enough fields that are waiting for you in field of internship either paid or unpaid and also get your perks according to that. The fields are as follows

  • Digital marketing
  • Graphic design/Web development/web design
  • Project making
  • App making
  • Business development(sales, finance, marketing)
  • Content Writing
  • HR
  • News Writing


How college helps you


Join college based project

College is the best platform gain experience in the professional fields. Our College also offers a project for to students i.e. X-Culture that not only give you professional or technical knowledge about market, strategies, investment, research, communication etc.

Project based learning is very essential at college level. It prepare students to look out for all the pros and cons about the market and investment. Solving highly complex problems requires that student have both fundamental skill and skills like teamwork, research gathering, time management, information synthesizing, utilizing high tech tools etc.

These projects also prepare students for planning, critical thinking, reasoning and creativity. It enhances communication skills and help to understand cross-cultural thing. The major merit is that it is in-depth investigation of a real-world problem which definitely one can gain via experience not by theoretical knowledge.


Small investment help

If you want to be an investment banker, financial broker, stock trader than you should know how they work. Reading and analyzing the stock market is the biggest risk. Investing is not an easy task. Before becoming a trader first learn how to invest it and best way of learning that is make small investment in this market at college level only. It help in most convenient way to learn averaging down, bear market, beta, blue chip stocks, bull market, day trading, hedge etc. So learn market and start investing in mutual funds


Start ups

This is time where everyone have dream to open something new and innovative by their own. Market research, planning, proper knowledge. It is emerging business idea for youngster. If you have something in your mind plan proper, study more about that, study the market, be prepared and then initiate it. It is most risky work to do you may get successes may get failure so proper knowledge and practical or mature thinking is very much essential.


Following help you out in better learning and experience

  • The basic and best thing is to get more interactive with professors, career advisors.
  • Internship, part-time jobs
  • Bloggers
  • Research
  • Diploma courses as per your interests.
  • Bloomberg Stock market


Social media sites or application help you out for finding jobs and internship as per your interest

  • Monster.com
  • Intersala
  • Linkdin
  • Indeed.com
  • Careerbuilder.com
  • Dice.com
  • Glassdoor.com
  • Idealist.com
  • Linkup.com





Why augmented reality is the future?

Augmented Reality

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Ever felt like Virtual Reality wasn’t real enough for you? Did you ever have wanted to perceive virtual things in your natural habitat? Well AR (augmented reality) is the solution to that. AR thins out the line between what is real and what is virtual.  It digs its roots from virtual reality, bringing elements from one world to another. It was designed to give the already successful VR a push, to make it more convincing and real. What people needed was not something animated or something that doesn’t match up their expectations and seemed unreal.

Augmented Reality

It is a technology designed to extend our senses, to see, hear, touch and experience things that aren’t really there. So we got an integration of what we developed and what we already have i.e; technology in our reality. Well, who wouldn’t like a dinosaur in their room playing with them, or a Pokémon fighting nearby?



AR found it’s applications in many forms, from designing a home by placing objects in your room and seeing how it looks like without doing any heavy lifting. Or in apps such as Pokémon Go where you catch Pokémon in the real world, in a pond near you, and not in some fantasy world.

AR Camera AR Camera 2

People believe in what’s real and companies have been trying to do so. AR is on the rise because people pay their buck to see the real thing, not some rip-offs. Augmented reality has been integrated in cameras, social networking sites, games, interior designing apps and what not. They can be used as filters in Snapchat, or for navigation or for gaming.


AR has industrial applications as well. It can be used for as a scale for measuring things. It has helped in many problems which we couldn’t physically overcome. We cannot imagine or measure everything there is. Either we get the material and the necessary equipment, or we can make use of AR to justify our needs. Though not a 100% accurate, it will give us a rough idea about what is required, in what capacity and what isn’t.


Except apps and games, some companies have opted to design AR goggles to provide the best experience. They are Sony, Solos, Google.


Exploring the Space. Part 1



The vast universe that doesn’t have any limits. With billions of stars,millions of plants, thousands of solar systems and thousands galaxies.are these true? How did we found about all these? Or do we know what lies beyond our planet?

Well these questions would be unanswered if it’s 16th century or below that.

Why is that? What changed the world so much that ,we are capable of exploring the space.

Here’s your answer these are the most important space technologies that eased space exploration.


The real inventor of telescope is unknown but it’s true that they existed from 1608!
Today we have space telescopes that are capable of finding planets and stars that are far away.

For example the deep space hubble telescope can find plants and stars that are 13 billion light years away which is 1.2298949614e+14 KMs.

Space probe

We all are familiar with the satellites that orbit around the earth providing us internet,network and others functions.

Space probe is similar to that of a satellite ,but it won’t revolve around earth but fly to other locations to find some information.

It’s robotic and each of their machine will last for decades!


Don’t get me wrong. I am not talking about automobile rover(land rover) but a partial or full autonomous space exploration vehicle.

These are space labs that collect samples from the other planets ,analyse them. Currently curiosity is working on the mars since 2012.


Without these their won’t be space travel at all! Rockets are specially designed to reach escape velocity of the earth(11.2 KPS) so that the can transport various types of space equipment like satellites,probes rovers and even astronauts to the space.


The science behind building these machines is amazing and advanced as well. Who knows maybe in few decades we might get to land on the mars through our cars!

There are few other gadgets and devices that help us to explore the space which will be featured in a upcoming article.so stay tuned ,check out our other articles and do let us know your thoughts in the comments below: )https://thecampusconnect.com/2018/06/26/4-discoveries-changed-worldpart-1/

5 Greatest discoveries in the space by mankind!


10 Facts about India.



India is often referred as sub continent due to many factors.
It has many cultures, languages,civilizations,religions and much more,with varying seasons from place to place.
These are few factors about our India.


  1. There are 119 billionaires in india and mukesh ambani is ranked 19 in the world with a net worth of $40 billion.
  2. India is ranked 5th in the world in terms of military strength,while it is 2 largest army in terms of troops in the world!
  3. We rank first in the world in the usage of mobiles which is over 1 billion!
  4. But sadly we are ranked at 168th place among 234 countries in terms of literacy rate,which is really sad.tcc
  5. Shah Rukh Khan is the 8th richest actor in the world.
  6. UPSC,JEE,and GATE exams are ranked in the world’s top 10 toughest list,with varying ranks!
  7. Indian railways is the world’s 6th largest employer, with more 1.4 million employees and transports 8.1 billion passengers every year.
  8. India won all  5 kabaddi world cups held till now.
  9. After USA ,India is placed ranked second among the countries  that speak english.
  10. India has the largest number of vegetarians in the world.

  11. (bonus)Lastly,the official name of India is “Republic of India”.

You might have already known few if not all the facts mentioned above. There are even more facts about india. Check out our other article by clicking the link below and ,do let us know your thoughts in the comments below: )

VR – Creating new perspectives


7 Trending YouTube Stars in India

Image: okimedya.com

If I ask, "What do you prefer – reading or watching a video"? I am very sure that 90% of your answers would be watching the video. And this preference of ours has made YouTube a really successful medium.

If you read a book about World War 2, it would be more boring and less grasping (who doesn’t love reading) and then if you go through its videos you will be able to grab more information because those video clips are helping you to understand in a more relatable manner.

Every day thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube some get noticed and go viral while some doesn’t appeal to the mass audience at all.

In this article we are going you tell you about the 5 trending Indian YouTube stars that are rocking and increasing their viewership day by day.

1. Bhuvan Bam

Image: https://tomatoheart.com

Everyone in the country is aware of this person and he is rocking on YouTube by making Wines. Till now he has got 8.7 Million subscribers. He started off in the year 2015 and now he is on the top list of Indian YouTubers.

He took this turn in his life after the when his video got viral where he publically criticized the anchor who was covering Kashmir Floods and he raised a few insensitive questions to the mother who lost her child. So by doing this, he started making Wines on YouTube.

He himself plays the role of 4 – 5 characters in a go. All his wines are related to comedy and they are gaining momentum amongst the youngsters and kids all over.

He was recently awarded by YouTube as the fastest growing channel in YouTube Community.

To keep on laughing click on: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqwUrj10mAEsqezcItqvwEw

2. Amit Bhadana

Image: http://celebrity.upcomingwiki.com

Now this name would be new to many of us and not everyone would be aware of this guy, but he is also getting on top of the list. He has got 8.3 Million subscribers.

He also got famous by making vines. He started off in the year 2015, by posting his reply video for Adele song "Hello", it gained popularity on Facebook then he did the dubbing video of Eminem and this went viral.

He started off from a scratch and now he is climbing through the steps of stardom.

to get through this entertainer click on: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_vcKmg67vjMP7ciLnSxSHQ

3. Ashish Chanchlani

Image: https://www.youtube.com

After Bhuvan and Amit, he is on the third number on the trending list. Again he started off by making wines and now he has 5.9 Million subscribers.

This guy is really making awesome wines wherein people could relate to them, like happenings at home, fight with sister, types of people during Diwali, students during Results etc.

He works on his wines with his friends, and kids and adults above the age of 18 do enjoy his wines because of one factor – relating to their real life.

To go through his videos click on: https://www.youtube.com/user/ashchanchlani

4. Sandeep Maheshwari

Image: https://hindi.starsunfolded.com

Few people are aware of this person while some are not. This person has truly made difference and has swayed the audience to make difference in their lives too. He is a motivational speaker and many people enjoy listening to him because of the positivity he carries.

Truly, your oration skills can actually take you up to success or down to failure and this man has vented his oration skills in the best manner possible.

He is having 5.9 Million subscribers and he is right next to Ashish Chanchlani on the top Indian YouTubers list.

To visit his page click on: https://www.youtube.com/user/SandeepSeminars

5. Nisha Madhulika

Image: https://www.youtube.com

Now a chef's life is not confined to Master Chef India or a hotel/home's kitchen. She has got 4.7 Million Subscribers for her channel. She started off at the age of 54 (2017) through blogging then after 2 years, she shifted onto YouTube.

In her channel, she provides the recipe for Vegetarian dishes. She was awarded as the YouTube Top Chef India (2014).

Earlier her husband helped her with shooting and editing but now she has a group of 5 people who help her during her shoot, editing etc.

To visit her YouTube Page click on: https://www.youtube.com/user/NishaMadhulika

5 Booming E-Commerce Industries in India

6. Harsh Beniwal

Image: https://www.quora.com

Well, he is on number 6 on our list with 3.5 Million subscribers. He started off his career on YouTube in 2015 with the name "Hasley India".

Earlier he started off with Dubsmash but it dint gained much popularity. Then he decided to start off with vines, and that actually brought a turning point in his life. He always was interested in doing Theatre and this was a perfect platform for him.

He does more of comedy videos related to more of family and relationships by gifting it with the Indian twist, which really tickles your funny bones.

To look through his Page click on: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVmEbEQUGXHVm-O9pqa3JWg

7. Prajakta Koli

Image: https://www.pinterest.com

She is the perfect pack of boldness, beauty, and humor. Though she has just reached the scale of 2.1 Million subscribers, she is on her way to make it to the top.

It all started when she started off her internship on FM 104, and later she met Hrithik Roshan and made a video with him which later got notified by One Digital Entertainment.

And later she leaped on YouTube in the year 2015 and is now doing wonders; she is an active user of Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

She is the true lady entertainer, do follow her and get the breeze of boldness and humor from her.

To look through her Page click on: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvCyIiKSCA1fHKSCOKJyjXA/featured



6 Ways To Tell Him That You Love Him Without Actually Saying It


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  1. Unexpected kisses and hugs:

    Sudden displays of affection are cute. Kiss him on his cheeks while he is busy doing something else or hug him when he is least expecting it. It will make him blush for sure.

  2. Make his birthday special:

    Gift him something that he really loves. Get him a cake and throw a house party inviting all his buddies. Make the day all about him. Let him be the star of the night.

  3. Listen to him when he is upset:

    There are times when he wants your attention and time especially when he is low or upset. Listen to him patiently and let him have your undivided attention.

  4. Take him out for movies or dinner dates:

    Plan a movie date with him with a movie of his choice. Take him out for dinner at his favourite restaurant. He will absolutely love the how much his tastes and choices matter to you.

  5. Send him cute texts more often:

    If he is having a bad day and you will send him a cute text telling him how special he is and how much he means to you, it will bring a smile to his face and change the course of his day.

  6. Appreciate the little things he does for you:

    If he gives u a head massage when your heads are throbbing badly or buys you ice cream when you are craving for something sweet, appreciate his efforts and tell him that he is important to you.


20 Self-Love Practices That Will Make Your Life Brighter


Self-love is very important in a world where people are always ready to pull you down or criticise you. It's very important to take out time for yourself and make yourself feel special. so here are a few steps that will make you feel loved every single day.

  1. Clean your room or at least your bed for that matter.

  2. Buy yourself flowers every now and then to appreciate yourself.

  3. Practice yoga, workout or join a gym. This will make your body and mind fit and also tone your body.

  4. Read a book that you have been planning for long.

  5. Go easy on yourself, stay in if you want to.

  6. Dress up for no occasion in particular. Wear that red lipstick of yours and ooolala you are set for the day. 
  7. Watch something funny and laugh till your sides hurt. 
  8. Want to cry it out. Just be yourself and cry. Its ok to cry sometimes. 
  9. Go grocery shopping and buy yourself those fancy jams and stuff. 
  10. Eat your favourite dessert. It won't make you fat rather it will make you happy. 
  11. Shake to some good music. 
  12. Spend time with someone who makes you happy. 
  13. Treat yourself with a nice meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner whatever you feel like. 
  14. Grab an adult colouring book and fill colours to them. 
  15. Pamper yourself with an indoor spa treatment- have a bubble bath, do your nails and lather yourself with those luxurious bath and body products. 
  16. something you usually feel guilty about. Binge watch your favourite tv series again. 
  17. Click selfies or have a photo shoot of yourself. 
  18. Cook a nice meal for yourself and enjoy it with your favourite book or movie. 
  19. Light up scented candles in your room to set the mood right with some good music. 
  20. Sit by the beach, pond or river for a few hours. A swimming pool will also work for that matter if your city doesn’t have a beach. 





Technology is getting advanced day by day. Past generation has super computers , then came computers , then laptop and after that tablets. Tablets are in trend now a days . Children  are crazy about it. But parents have to see their budget also .

Here are the best tablets which come under budget for 2018 :-

1.APPLE ipad (9.7 inch)

ipad for everyone

  • Editor's rating : 8.6
  • Design: 8
  • Features : 9
  • Price: 362.19$


cheap tablet gets even cheaper

  • Editor's rating :8.0
  • Design : 8
  • Features : 8
  • Price: 79.99$


big bargain tablet with excellent battery life

  • Rating: 7.3
  • Design : 7
  • Features : 8
  • Price : 166$


extra hour of battery life , enhanced screen contrast make it a better bargain

  • Rating: 7.0
  • Design: 7
  • Features: 7
  • Price: 49$


affordable tablet with sharp screen and slim design

  • Rating : 7.7
  • Design: 8
  • Features: 7
  • Price: 299$





Want some new clothes or new jewellery or wanna try new shoes? I am sure you do . Who doesn't love shopping?
We girls love festivals , parties , marriage functions just because of the shopping done before that . We always want something fashionable , trending or a unique piece . For that we have to know the perfect place .
Here are some of the favourite places famous for its :-
the shopaholic's bucket list

Famous for:-
Jewellery ( Lac, Trinklets, Precious, Customized)
Clothing( Traditional) ,Footwear( Jaipuri jootis)
Handicrafts , sarees , home decor( curtains,etc)
Top places -
Bapu bazar , Johri bazaar, MI road, Link road
a paradise of more than one kind

Famous for:-
Handicrafts , Pashmina shawls
Carpets , Saffron and other spices
Silver Jewellery , kashmiri suits , Kashmiri tea ,Kashmiri art
Top Places:-
JK Govt. Handloom Showroom, Maharaja Bazaar ,Kokar bazaar
an offbeat shopping spree

Famous for:-
Applique work , patchwork , hand painted handicrafts
handbags , wall hangings, cushion covers, lanterns




Watching your favourite movie online and suddenly a warning message flashes on screen : Battery is 15% or Battery about to die.
What will be your reaction?
Frustrated, irritated , angry , isn't it ? YES!! Its a normal problem .
Many Android smartphone's like Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8) are powerful , but their battery doesn't last longer .
Try these tips or tricks to extend your phone's battery life :-
1. See what's sucking the most battery

Go to Settings > Battery, to check what's consuming your phone's battery . if you see an app you rarely use or some feature you never use , its better to uninstall the app or turn off the feature .
2. Reduce the brightness and turn off Automatic Brightness

You will be surprised to see how much this helps to improve battery life
3. Update your app

Applications after getting updated often use less battery power, so make sure your apps are upto date
4. Turn on Airplane mode

If your battery is running low and you need to save it , just turn on Airplane mode that will indirectly turn off the features using power like Bluetooth , wi-fi, etc.