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About Us

The Campus Connect is a digital youth community that helps students discover themselves, their passion, the right career path, and get the right skillset.

TCC, also known as The Campus Connect, provides a range of services to early and mid-stage startups through an ecosystem of specialized service providers and domain experts.

We assist in helping kids flourish holistically, not just in academics. We help them thrive physically, emotionally, psychologically, economically, financially, cognitively, morally, culturally, and vocationally.

Our Mission

By combining millions of learners and real-world data sources with user-generated inclinations, the organization hopes to extend out with its vast pool of information and networking to assist students in choosing the best profession and education prospects.

Our Vision

The Campus Connect is a cutting-edge learning platform for youngsters that allows them to discover many career options. A group of specialists from diverse disciplines has been assembled to offer career advice to tomorrow’s leading job seekers.

From Founder Desk

Hi I am Nishant

Applying 8+ years of firsthand experience in building Tech & Edtech startups to The Campus Connect (TCC). I came up with the idea of TCC in my college dorm room with the thought to create a digital community of like-minded youth who are learning, thriving and sharing their growth journey with special emphasis on digital skills that can be monetised.

We have built a network of 162+ alliance partners to create 10+ service packages to fulfill the essential requirements of Startups. Our mission is to combine masses of hundreds of students and real-world reference facts with user-generated preferences. We want to reap an abundance of understanding and network to serve students in selecting outstanding professions and educational options to help them accelerate their careers.

Come join us in our community and begin your growth journey!


Our Course Offerings

Career Counselling

Career Counselling Program

Whenever it pertains to their professions, many students do not make well-informed choices. The majority of pupils are unaware of their abilities to extent of numerous new vocations & real-time training for your holistic growth and development.

Career Guidance

Career Coaching

We try to identify the students, their passions, personalities, backgrounds, and professional objectives. We will assist them in launching their careers. It helps students map their professional path by selecting the appropriate college, course, and so on.

Skill improvement

Skill Development

 By acquiring the appropriate skill, Campus connect assists students in gaining proficiency in their field of work and profession. We provide offline courses, and collect and recommend alternative training courses to students through alliances.

Mentor matching program

Mentor Connect Program

TCC is an organization that promotes the idea of a mentoring relationship. Using natural and recorded video educational programs, as well as the communities. We now have advisors to assist students who are unsure about their career choices.

Gig work

Gig Work

The Campus Connect initiative seeks to establish an environment where students may acquire hands-on experience. They can start their careers with gig employment from various businesses. You might think that bagging a side gig can be bit complex and challenging at the same time in the whole ecosystem.

community on internet

Digital Community

Campus Connect has always been and will continue to become a youth network. We think that to be inspired by beautiful people and receive the appropriate education. TCC aspires to create an environment with all partners, including institutional trainees, and the administration.

events and festivals

Leadership Conferences & Events

Campus connect hosts the largest worldwide young leaders forum to facilitate student’s overall growth. Youngsters all across India come here to experience three days with one another. We help in recognizing how learning is more enjoyable.

Practical learning

Practical Experiential Learning Programs

The Campus Connect emphasizes the significance of mentoring. It focus on the value of learning from individuals in the industry that a child wishes to follow. TCC’s Reflective Learning provides knowledge, progress and experience.

courses for upskilling

Student News/Views/ Crowdsourced & Interest based Learning Portal.

 The Campus Connect seems to have been a true pioneer in India’s University Social Journalism and Campus Blogs sector. We strive to give novel upheaval to this sector with re-imagined multi-domain material and delivery in prose, sound, and video material through multiple evolutions, the pivots with the holistic development.

Contest for youth

Workshops & Events Aggregator (Including Competitions, Fests, Battlecups)

Since its beginning eight years ago, TCC has teamed up with over 2500+ activities in university events, seminars, and festivals. We’ve developed an AI-driven platform with relevant Workshops, programs, and events. It is based on location, interests, and society through unique app called Fliqet. 

Contest for youth

Study Abroad Counselling & Guidance.

Understanding your interests, potential, selection & admission in an institution that is the best match for the student among hundreds of options and relocating globally that can help you better develop yourself and uniquely differentiate yourself can be overwhelming. TCC allows you to develop your abilities and knowledge in a fun and creative manner.


Our Events

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Why Join Campus connect?

Engaging Activities

We believe that learning is not the best if you don’t do it exciting and fun. We have structured our courses to avoid getting bored and keep you from achieving your goals. We promote and help you grow in engaging ways.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Knowing multiple languages increases job opportunities in foreign countries and gives you an edge in job interviews. Your CV will appeal to international companies and can land you a job with a higher salary than other monolingual job applicants.

Meticulous Assessment and Career Matching

We evaluate your passions, interests, talents, and potential and then suggest the career options that are most suitable for you. 

Become a Better Learner

Learning a new language boosts brainpower, sharpens the mind, improves memory, and enhances decision-making.

Building a Digital Community

Gaining professional experience is impossible if you don’t grow personally. Being part of a community introduces you to new people and ideas, thoughts, learning, and much more.

Speak With More People

Being bilingual gives you the chance to interact with more people and build stronger connections.


What Our Students Say

“For me, it began as an internship and grew into a realm of opportunities. An opportunity to rediscover my writing, have hands on experience of leading a team and find my way through the ever growing network of students to fall in ranks and make a mark. This, when I thought of it as just an internship.

I realized soon enough that it wasn’t. Its much more than that!

Its a once in a lifetime experience and you have to be a part of it to know that feeling. One thing I’d let slip though, that feeling is a bliss to endure!..”

Arnav Jain

Content Category Head

“Being the upcoming largest Indian youth channel, TCC has offered me a pedestal that brought me to interact with the widest array of personalities that, in turn, oriented me to experience brilliant ideas from the people around me. With ‘Bridge The Gap’ being the golden dogma, the Campus Connect proved to be the perfect social benefactor-coalescing thousands of students and priming them to the same rhythm that it so passionately imbibes: Unity.

The Campus Connect has given me the fleet of people I yearned to work with and a direction too beckoning to leave.”

Vikrant Kumar

Content Head – TCC

“Joining as an amateur content writing intern looking for writing experience, TCC has been one of my best growth investments. It has helped me develop my thinking capacity, polishing up my writeups, channeling energy (specially the part where I would have had a lazy, boring vacation) and leading people as a CatHead.

I love working and writing here and the team experience has been outstanding. The best part, all of us belong to almost the same age and everyone gets a voice and Nishant has himself led us well.


Aditya Prakash

Content Category Head

Frequently Asked

Which is the best skill development platform?

The Campus Connect is the best skill development and career counselling platform; we help you discover your interests, passions, find a suitable career, and develop skills. We provide the best courses and the right mentoring to gain proficiency; we also assist you in applying your learning to gig work.

How can Campus Connect help me?

The Campus Connect is a digital youth community that facilitates students to find out themselves, their passion, the proper professional path, and the appropriate skillset.

TCC, additionally called The Campus Connect, affords several offerings to early and mid-degree startups through an environment of specialized service providers and area experts.

We help in assisting children in flourishing holistically, now no longer simply in academics. We assist them to thrive physically, emotionally, psychologically, economically, financially, cognitively, morally, culturally, and vocationally.

Why is Community Building important?

TCC is a digital community, and we promote skill development and learning by connecting to thousands of learners like you, which boosts your professional and personal growth. Interacting with different people grants a broader scope of learning; being part of a community introduces us to new ideas, concepts, beliefs, values, and much more, the absence of which cannot lead to success.

Why are internships important?

Internships are essential for putting the theoretical knowledge learned into practice. They also help you gain practical experience and knowledge before starting work. The Campus Connect offers internship opportunities to combine your learning and concepts and gain experience and knowledge.

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Are you eager to skyrocket your professional and personal growth? If yes, then why are you waiting? Then hop on this venture and contact our professionals to learn more.

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